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Yeah... Sure, Dax... Somethin' about your fingernails, and eggnog



Biographical Information
Status Alive
Homeworld Eco World
Hometown Haven City
Born Sandover Village
Died Alive
Physical Description
Species Maia
Gender Male
Height 6'
Weight 170lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Green
Age TPL: 9

Daxter: 14
J2: 15
J3: 17
JX: 20
TLF: 25

Title(s) Hero
Chronological information
Affiliation Freedom League

Eco Pirates

Father Damas
Mother Lady Amara
Children --
Spouse --
Precursor name Jakpn
Jak birthname being Mar is the main protagonist in the Lost Frontier and voiced by Josh Keaton. He is a fictional bipedal humanoid species also known as an "elf". He stands 6' tall, and weighs 170lbs. He has blue eyes and caucasion skin. He is the son of an ancient king known as Damas Amara, and the ancient princess known as Ladi Amara. [Note: These individuals were never noted in this game]. He is the grand companion of Daxter which completes what they call the Demolition Duo.

Jak was unarmed in the first game and relied strongly upon melee weapons. In Jak II and Jak 3, Jak obtained the morph gun, a gun which can attach upgrades simaller to the shotgun, a rifle, ak47's, grenade launchers and necleur power bombs. In Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, he obtained the Gunstaff, which was simaller to the morph gun's weapon, just took on a survival staff mode as opposed to a gun.

In the first game, Jak is 9 years old. In Daxter (PSP), he was 14 years old. In Jak II he was 15. A two year period took place between Jak II and Jak 3, therefore Jak is 17 in J3. In Jak X, he is 20 (a three year period). Jak and Daxter took a five year "vacation", between JX and TLF, making Jak 25 in TLF. In PlayStation Move Heroes, he is 28 years old.

Jak evolves drastically as a character, from bodily buildes, facial looks, appearance, voice and personality. He turns from a mute, to a very untrusting, smart, typical teenager.

Jak appears as a playable title in all Jak games (with the exeption of Daxter for PSP), and a playable character in some of the Ratchet and Clank games, and an unlockable golfer in Hot Shots Golf Fore!


Jak was born in the "New World" era, then was sent back in time by his older self to grow up in the old world, then transported back to the future, then found his younger self, and sent him back in time, and then continued to get on with his adventures.

Before Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Jak was transported from a mysterious world to a village, and lived with his adopted-father Samos Hagai, his adopted sister Keira Hagai, and was always getting into trouble with his long time best friend Daxter. He would occasionally go live with his uncle, and learn skills such as fighting and gymanstics. Samos also gave Jak and Daxter plenty of training, using the basic battlegrounds of Geyser Rock and Sentinel Beach. As Jak learned about eco, the Precursors, Powewr Cells and Precursor Orbs, he would eventually run into the greatest threats and adventures he could ever have imagined...

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Lurking around Misty Island

Against Samos' will, Jak and Daxter ventured off to the only place they were forbid to go... Misty Island. Upon the arrival of the island, Daxter notes that "Old Green stuff told us not to go here..." As they lurk about, they find two old sorcerers, commanding Lurkers (ravage beasts of the planet), telling them to continue their search for old precursor artifacts, and destroy anybody who lurks around the island. As they climb down, a Bone Guard Lurker hears rustling. As Jak and Daxter leap over to a pool of dark ooze, they find a precursor battery artifact. As they are attacked by the Lurker, Jak throws the artifact at the lurker, killing it, but ultimately knocking Daxter into the pool of dark eco. As Daxter pops out, he was transformed into an odd looking rodent named an ottsel. (Note: Daxter was turned into a precursor by the three precursors. However Daxter does not realize this till the end of Jak 3.)

Geyser Rock

As Jak and Daxter (Daxter now in his ottsel form) return to Samos' hut, Samos informs them that the only way to change Daxter back is to find the sage of Dark Eco, Gol Acheron. He informs them that before their journey, they would have to get some training on Geyser Rock. As Jak and Daxter complete their mission, they are able to obtain powercells from the villagers to power Keira's A-Grav Zoomer, which could transport them closer to Gol.

Rock Village

After traversing the firey canyon using Keira's Zoomer, they arrive to the Rock Village, the Blue Sage's village. As they discover that in order to reach the further side, they must find enough power cells to activate the Blue Sage's abandoned lifter machine in order to move a boulder leading up to Klaww, which they must defeat in order to get to the red sage's hut.

Red Sage's Hut

Jak makes his way to the Red Sage's laboratory, where he learns that all of the sages except Samos have been kidnapped by the same people who Jak and Daxter saw speaking to Lurkers on Misty Island. The people turn out to be Gol Acheron and Maia Acheron, Gol's sister, who wish to flood the world with dark eco using the dark eco silos. Jak recovers more power cells so Keira can upgrade the Zoomer heat shield in order to navigate a lava-filled tunnel.

Gol and Maia's Citadel

On the other side in the Yellow Sage's lab, Keira declares that Samos has been captured as well. Journeying through Gol and Maia's citadel, Jak and Daxter first run into Samos (who is the last one they save), and he tells them that Gol and Maia are using all the sage's energies to power their robot, which is powerful enough to break open the Dark Eco silos. Jak and Daxter succeed in freeing the Sages, and then travel to the top of the Dark Eco Silos to confront a retouched Precursor Robot controlled by Gol and Maia. Jak battles the robot, but only defeats it when they destroy the robots weapons. After this, 4 mini-silo's, that are attached to the large silo, which each contain a different eco (excluding dark eco) shoot beams of light towards the middle of the silo in the air for, clashing and forming a pyramid like shape. This combines all the ecos and forms light eco. Daxter realizes that the Light Eco would change him back to normal if he were to absorb it, but ultimately allows Jak to use it and disable the robot.

Trapped in the robot, Gol and Maia sink into the Dark Eco silo, which then closes and traps them inside, possibly killing them both; Samos, however, is not certain that this is the case. The group's attention is then directed toward an immense Precursor Door, which can only open with the energy of 100 Power Cells. With the cells, the door opens to reveal an ambiguous large object enveloped in a blinding light; the details are explained in the next game.


A game was developed by Ready At Dawn taking place in between TPL and J2. The main primary goal was for Daxter to rescue his friend from jail.

Jak II

The device that Jak and Daxter found behind the door was a rift rider with a rift gate, where they transported themselves 302 years into the future. As Jak and Daxter arrive in Haven City (in the New World), he is approached by the Krimzon Guard (a brutal military unit for haven city). Jak was captured (because The Baron of the city knew Jak's special abilities) and put in a containment cell. The Baron was facilitating a Dark Warrior Program, where citizens were pumped with mass amounts of Dark Eco, making them into extreme warriors (meant to replace the Krimzon Guard). However this did not work on Jak (as the Baron thought), and when the Baron left Jak in the chair, still unconcious, Daxter works his way up on an elevator belvedere, helping Jak escape the prison.

Prison Break

As Jak and Daxter venture through the KG Prison, they find that Jak has this weird Dark ability, which can transform him into a powerful dark eco necromancer, able to destory everything in sight. As he breaks out of the prison, he meats this old man, and a boy (who is his younger self, but he does not know this yet). He saves them using his dark abilities from Krimzon Guards. Jak wants to know how to find the baron, however the old man (named Kor), does not know how to contact the baron, but informs Jak of a Gang waging war against the Baron. The leader named the "Shadow".

Trial of Manhood

As Jak arrives at the underground, he meets the manager, Torn, who tells them that if they want in, they have to retrieve the Baron's Banner in Deadtown. As Jak completes the mission, he is welcomed into the Underground. Jak would eventually meet other enemies, friends and allies, along with new missions and enviornments that would never match the adventures before.

Later in The Game...

Jak kills a gang and smuggler and bar owner Krew, after he found that he is planning weapons against the city. After Krew’s death, Metal Heads invade the city. Jak finds Praxis and the Krimzon Guard at the construction site, confronting Kor. Kor is then revealed to be the leader of the Metal Heads, after transforming into a huge Metal Head type beast. He fires his energy beam at Praxis and flies off. Before he dies, Praxis shows Jak another Piercer bomb, this one containing the Precursor Stone. Daxter rummages through the bomb and deactivates it, and Jak takes the stone.

As the Krimzon Guard and the Underground fight the Metal Heads in the city, Jak travels to the Metal Head nest to confront Kor. There, he finds that Kor has the Kid and a Precursor Ring like the one that brought Jak and his friends to Haven City. Kor informs Jak that the Kid is in actuality, a young Jak. Jak had been sent into the past to learn the skills necessary to defeat Kor. The young Jak, because he is innocent and untouched by Dark Eco, is able to release the Precursor entity trapped in the stone.

During the battle with Kor, Kor is decapitated by the Precursor Ring, which damages it. Before it breaks up, young Jak releases the Precursor entity, which enters the Ring. Samos and Keira arrive and send young Jak and young Samos back in time through the Ring, leaving Jak, Daxter, Samos and Keira to live out their lives in Haven City. Daxter takes over Krew's bar, and renames it the "Naughty Ottsel."

Jak 3

Soon after the end of Jak II, a war erupted in Haven's streets. Surviving Metal Heads and KG Death Bots battled the Freedom League for control of the city, ruining most of it in the process.Metal heads taking over the western area, the death bots colonizing the industrial area. The Haven City Council declared Jak responsible for the conflict and banished him to the Wasteland, where he was rescued by Damas and taken to Spargus City. Throughout the game, Jak is sent on dangerous missions to gain the trust and respect of the people of Spargus and their king (Damas) and eventually makes it back to Haven City, accepting missions from many different characters as the war in Haven escalates and other threats appear. Cyber Errol was revealed to be the mastermind behind the KG Death Bots, but the greater threat was from the incoming Dark Maker Ship, which Errol seeks to control in order to destroy the planet

In order to destroy the ship, Jak tries to activate the Planetary Defence System by accessing the Catacombs under the ruins of the Mar Memorial Stadium. Damas answered Jak's call for help, but was crushed under their vehicle when a blast overturned it, inadvertently revealing that he was Jak's father as he died. Jak continued through the Catacombs, activating the Planetary Defense System and traveling to the Dark Maker Ship to stop Cyber Errol, who escaped in a Terraformer before the ship was destroyed. Returning to the planet's surface, Jak defeated Errol and his Terraformer. The Precursors, revealed to be ottsels, asked him to come with them to protect the universe. He apparently turned down this offer, claiming that Daxter wouldn't last a second without him (although it is possible that Jak did help the Precursors out and after he wasn't required, they sent him back to his world at the same point he left; the Precursors are capable of time travel). It is also revealed that Jak's birth name was in fact Mar leaving gamers to speculate on whether Jak is the actual "Mar" who built Haven city, or if he is just of the same lineage and named after the famous figure.

Jak X: Combat Racing

Jak travels to Kras City with Ashelin, Torn, Samos, Keira and Daxter in order to attend a reading of Krew's will. Poisoned along with the rest of his friends and Rayn, Krew's daughter, Jak is forced to race in the Kras City Grand Championship in order to win the antidote. When he finally triumphs in the final race, the antidote is stolen by Mizo, forcing him to chase and defeat the crime lord to retrieve it.

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Landing on the Brink

When the news of an "eco-mass loss" reached Jak's side of the world in Haven City, he ventured on a quest along with his olde-tyme pal Daxter, and his girlfriend Keira, who was venturing to become an eco sage. Jak's primary goal in the game was to find the eco core, but when the meeting of new people, enemies and locations, Jak generally got sidetracked into several other missions, always keeping his primary goal in mind. When Jak was able to make a chosing of vehicles, he hired Keira to create a specialized Hellcat which he could take. Upon the arival of the other side of the universe, Jak was bombarted by Eco Pirates, lead by the Galleon of Captain Phoenix. His ship was then grappled by sky pirates, and was threatened during a deathly Eco Storm (caused by the sudden loss of eco). As the eco pirate pointed his pistol at Jak after a short fist exchange, he tried to channel his power to turn to a dark monster known as Dark Jak, but due to the eco storm, was unable to do so. Daxter then tried to defend himself and Jak by attempting to shoot the pirate, but the pirate hurled across his fire, which primarily ended up in the destruction of the hellcat's left wing. When the eco pirates left Jak's ship, he was forced to make an emergency landing on the nearest island known as the tri-state Brinka Island. He was then sent on a mission to find an eco-source with which Keira could repair Jak's ship. As Jak lept through the jungles and misfits of the Brink, he found a small green eco prism lying around, which he brought back to Keira. Keira then hooked the crystal into the fuel relays, which contained a power condenser to focus the output and a couple of loop circuits to stabilize the eco flow. This action permanently gave the Hellcat ship to be able to obtain repairs quick and easy.

The Aeropan People

After repairing the Hellcat, Jak, Daxter and Keira spotting a large flagship being attacked by those "swashbuckling friends" known as sky pirates. Jak decides as his first rescue of his mission to save the airship known as the ACS Behemoth (Aeropan Craft Ship). However, before Jak saves the acs behemoth in a skyfight, Jak (the player) must learn how to use the newly modified hellcat, therefore calibration lagging is necessary according to Keira. So the player must pass through easy objectives, then notes that you must go save the Aeropan Craft. As he defeats the pirates he realizes that the ship has much more advanced moves than just what he found while calibrating the ship. As he defeats the pirates he obtains scrap which is the secondary monetary unit in the Lost Frontier. After he defeats the pirates, he was sent an invitation to land on the Behemoth's hangar. He is introduced to the Monarch of Aeropa; Duke Skyheed. Skyheed gives a warm welcome, noting that he is the protector of the sacred eco. Keira introduces themselves as wastelanders from the other side of the world. As Skyheed notes that he has began looking for the eco core, he explains to Jak that it is one of the famed and mythic sources from where all eco flows. As Keira is about to explain their full intensions, Jak quickly interrupts saying that "...We're.. Happy to help!" [See Jak Quote]. As Skyheed begins gaining trust with the three, he tells them to make themselves comfortable. And that the enemies of the Sky pirates are most certainly their allies. He then offers to take them to the Grand City of Aeropa (GCA), and repair their Hellcat's minor damages. Jak then explores G.C.A., noticing their fine and wealthy village. Keira then notes using a common Communicator, that he can now trade dark eco he collects for new powers, simaller to the ones dark jak uses, but he does not need to transfrom from normal mode. Daxter then notes that he is grateful for some "shore leave", he noted, "...I don't know about you, Jak, but I could definetley go for a bath, a hot-oil massage, nyeh-he, and a game of cards - though probably not in that order..." Being classical Daxter. The "buzz" of the Aeropan streets were all about Jak and his strange friends, this automatically made Jak aware of where he was. As Jak arrives at Keira's side and purchases some eco powers using dark eco he collected, he get's a message from Duke Skyheed telling him to come to the Eco Seeker Sanctum at the south-east side of aeropa.

Upon Jak's arrival, Skyheed notes that he hopes his stay in Aeropa has been enlightening. Jak, being concerned as he was, noted that he was still a few answers short. Chancellor Ruskin then notes that he also has questions. Ruskin wanted to know why he was lurking about the brink. Keira then notes that they are too looking for a new eco source to help save the world. Skyheed then notes that they are upon noble pursuit and notes that they may be of some assistance. They then reveal the eco seeker to Jak, which could point to any major eco source in the world. Before Jak arrived, they had hoped it would work, but alas, they were unable to do so. Jak then attempted to make it work, noting that he has certain eco-channeling abilities. Supprisingly, the Monarch had heard of Jak, noting that they may be out there on the very edge of the world, but word does reach them. As Jak attempts, he had suffered, due to the sudden eco loss. It is said that Jak had a vision,[SRC?], of him way later in the future, seing a suffering metal-head egg. Keira then asks if she can use the eco seeker as an eco project, then noting that she hopes to one day become an eco sage, as her father invented the mass known as green eco, power of health and energy. The grant her permission only on one condition. Jak must go through the "danger course" to prove that he can protect the device, and his allies.

The Danger Course

As Jak travels across the other side of Aeropa, with no transportation mechanism, he finally arrives at the first hallway of the Danger Course. He then picks up a blaster mod, a rifle type weapon utilizing yellow eco, and attatches it to the gunstaff Keira put together for him, utilizing the main building techniques of the wastelander staff. He then proceeds down many hallways destroying targets on sight. When Jak completes the gun course, he is able to obtain the Eco Seeker and keep the blaster mod.

The Aeropan Sewage

As Jak and Daxter are walking back to Keira from the danger course, Daxter trips down an open sewage gate. He immediatley gathers his thoughts after a twelve foot fall, and realizes that the place is full of dark eco, and eco conversion sources. He then tries chanting for Jak, but it does no use. As he trespasses through hallway two, (hallway beta), he realizes a waste tube full of rushing currents of dark eco and atomic waste. As he is pumbled by dark eco, he transforms into an eight foot monster. As Daxter travels through the tubes, he meets Jak later on, returning to his normal form. Jak then proceedes with the mission not knowing at all what just happened.

Sky Chase

As Jak travels back to the Eco Seeker Sanctum, he was about to be handed the eco seeker, but the lead pirate, Captain Phoenix, swooped down and stole the device. Keira intended to go after him, but was kidnapped and taken. Jak then returned to the hellcat in pursuit of the pirate. As Jak is lead through the volcanoes and trifled paths of the brink in the sky, he is lead to a barracade, where he is attacked by sky pirates, and again, crash lands on an island neighbouring the brink, conjucturally called Mysterious Island.

Mysterious Island

As Jak crash lands, he is presented with fairly new enemies. Upon the arrival of a mysterious treehouse owned by a castaway, and a helpless senior named Tym, it is noted that he could find a device with which Tym could fix his ship. However, the downfall of that, is that he would have to rip it from an Uberbot 888's cold dead fingers. The UberBot is a giant robot which Tym created to help him on the island, but a mysterious frequency in the air caused all of his creations to turn against him, including Sawbots, Tripodbots, and Drillbots, and of course the UberBot 888 (UBBT888). As he defeated the uberbot, he as well contained the Velonium Power Pod, which helped Jak get off the island.

Sky Fight

As Jak flies off of the island, he runs into the Phantom Blade lead by the Sky pIrates. The Phantom Blade is a gravity-defying airship galleon. Jak must destroy critical maneuvering mechanisms on the ship in order to land in the hangar, as he does so, he finds Keira, with which ends up with Jak and Phoenix fist fighting ending up in the result of the loss of the eco seeker as it flies out of the window into the volcano. Phoenix and Jak make it a race to see who can retrieve the eco seeker first. Before then, they are forced to make upon a truce until matters are resolved. Jak was then able to use the hangar, and Keira able to use a hut as a studio for experimenting with eco.

The Volcano

Jak retrieved the eco seeker first and brought it to Keira. Neither Phoenix or himself noted to eachother that the competition to win the praise of Keira... But they were both thinking the same thing at the same time. Upon the arrival of the Galleon, he noticed that Tym had sneaked onto the ship. Jak noted to Phoenix that he found this "guy", and he may be able to help with the Eco Seeker. Tym later notes that he cannot help them. Keira then begs, and due to her beauty Tym notes, he said he would do his best. He then notes that the device is self-fusing, locking mechanism so that no one can use or misuse the device. He then timed the locking clock and reversed the polarity, then the eco seeker opened showing it's mechanical eco usage. The eco seeker pointed to a possible eco cell right above the brink, Phoenix then says that it is dangerous to say the least, but it is all that they've got, but he first wants to drop by a Pirate City named Far Drop to pick up some supplies for the long voyage.

Far Drop

As Jak arrives at fardrop he was greeted by a lurker named Barter, the "top dog" of Far Drop and a big time smuggler. The smuggler then told Jak about the Dark Eco Creatures invading their city, which showed up a few months before Jak arrived upon the brink. Barter then basically notes that he needs a couple exterminaters with "big fists". Barter then noted that he would pay Jak top dollar (or top scrap) if he were to help him. Jak agrees. He then runs into a dark mutant king which he chases down, all the while gaining powers. He then defeats the monkey, in return getting scrap from Barter. To gain extra scrap Jak agreed to fight off some drunken brutes in his bar.

Abandoned Research Facility

After returning from far drop with the scrap, he is promoted "honorary pilot and official helmsman". Keira then notes that the "eco seeker" does not have enough light eco to operate. Phoenix said that he knows of an old research station used by the Aeropans which is... abandoned now, but he and his crew did fix some faint readings of light eco there long ago. They then decide to set sail for the facility.

As Jak arrives at the facility, he meets new enemies all the while still gaining more abilities. Once he gets there, he notes that he has seen stations and pannels like the ones before.. He then channels eco, enabling the machine to produce a small source of light eco. As Jak brings back the light eco, Keira inputs it to the eco seeker, therefore the eco seeker seemed to have worked. Keira then notices that the seeker is missing three crtical parts known as eco spheres. The seeker pointed to all three pieces, but two most critical it reveals first. One was near Far Drop and one was near another location. Jak then had the official authority to choose from, which was not far drop due to his unlikeliness of the pirates.

Old Aeropan Barracks

The Old Aeropan Barracks (also known as Outpost Epsilon), contained a research rig with which held an eco sphere. As Jak arrives at the front gate, he realized that it is locked. But Tym, (having built the place) knew the passcode. Tym did not remember that he built the place at the time, just for some reason he knew a special code that he identified with the gate. As he leaps through the puzzles of the building, he eventually meets up with Tym and the others, which did not have to go through the long way which Jak did, because they escaped through the front door in time. Upon Jak's arrival to the group, he then realizes that Tym is a dark eco sage. Tym then notes that he remembers of building the whole facility and dark eco warrior projects. Jak then asks for who he built this place for..? As Phoenix arrives with his pistol pointed at Jak, he says that he built them for Phoenix back when he was for the Aeropans. Phoenix then says that he was once the leader of the Aeropan Air Forces (AAF), and wanted a stronger army, therefore was willing to mutate his own citizens. But after the first attempt, Phoenix realized the wrong he had been doing. He then rebelled against the Aeropans, and was declared an outlaw.. So Phoenix became just that and built a rebel alliance, adopting children from Far Drop raising them for his first crew; against the Aeropans. After Jak heard this he was honored to ally with the pirates, and began to hate the Aeropans. And now with the coordinate sphere, Jak could return to the phantom blade, but gets a message from First Mate to Captain, Klout that they're being attacked.

Saving the Phantom Blade

Jak comes into the rescue, as the Aeropans put on heavy air force and heavy fire. As Jak sends Daxter through missiles leading them to an aeropan airforce base.. After that, the Phantom Blade recovers, and they proceed with finding the other two spheres.

Return to Far Drop

Now Jak has begun the to search for the second coordinate sphere in the other direction. As Jak arrives to Barter's Bar, he finds that the location of the sphere is in a Saucy Pirate's hand. Jak then confronts her, persuading her to give him the sphere using money or valubles. The Saucy Pirate then notes that she is not interested, but if Jak beats her, it's his; however if he loses, she gets to keep Daxter's fur coat as a nice piece of clothing. As Jak defeats her, he gains the next coordinate sphere.

Sector Zero, Vortex

Sector Zero (sektore zero) is a large area, with which dead pirates and defeated scrap metal fall. At the centre of the planets area, lies a deadly vortex, which holds the sphere. Jak must fly down the vortex, to get the sphere, and bring it back without being killed in the process. As Jak retrieves the coordinate sphere, he makes plans to come back to the galleon. But Keira notes that something big popped up on the radar...

Again saving the Phantom Blade

Keira notes that the ACS Behemoth has made a suprise attack on the ship. Jak must destroy critical parts on the behemoth, in order to chase them away. It wasn't an easy task, but was done. After the Behemoth left, Jak returned to the galleon in order to try to make the eco seeker work.

On Deck

Before Jak can return the sphere to Keira, the ship was grappled, again, by the ACS Behemoth. Troops were sent on deck of the Galleon. Jak must fight off the warriors, while, in the process, defeat more of the ACS Behemoth, until it could not go any more. As he does so, he saves the galleon, and the entire crew.

The Eco Seeker

As Jak arrives, the eco seeker, worked and pointed to an old precursor facility deep inside the old abandoned research rig, which the group overlooked. As Jak tries to enter the rig, field generators were blocking the passage to the landing dock. Jak then defeated the generators in order to land. As the goup arrives deep inside the core of the planet, they notice the eco-core from which all eco energy flows. As Jak boosts up the control pannel, the eco core activated. However, something was malfunctioning. There was a massive unstable energy buildup. It appeared that there was a prism at the center which combined and broke the ecos into their colors. It seemed to be out of alignment, but Keira noted that she may be able to fix it. Keira noted that they'll need to bring it back online slowly... Keira did not get to finish before she noticed that the Aeropans were within reach straight behind them.. Along with Phoenix' first mate Klout behind them. As Phoenix started praising Klout for capturing the most valuable Aeropans, he noticed that Klout actually betrayed him for money. As Skyheed commands Klout to kill them, he said leave Jak alive, as he wants him "studied". He then tries to pursuade Jak into joining the Aeropan board. Jak then refuses. As they are still arguing, Keira bends over the control pannel, releasing a powerful eco wave, which killed the Aeropans. As Jak and the gang escape using a planetary elevator leading to the Phantom Blade, the eco core arose from the ground, showing it's true beauty to the planet...

Far Drop Attacked

As Jak and the rest of the pirates (including Phoenix' new first mate, Jon), Jak notes that the battle is not over. Phoenix interrupts saying that it well might be. He just received word that the Aeropans have just laid siege to Far Drop. Jak then asked in supprise of how the Aeropans found it, and who sent the message containing the location's coordinates. Phoenix said that he did not know. It could be a trap. But with the location of Far Drop known... No one is safe from the Aeropans. Keira then protests that Skyheed has access to the eco core. Who knows what he plans to do with it. Jak then notes that he is not afraid of any of those possiblities, and seems that Skyheed thinks that they're on the defensive. Then Jak says that now's the perfect time to attack. Phoenix quickly agrees saying that they'll summon every last freedom fighter and pirate they can recruit and/or find.

As Jak arrives at far drop, he notices that it had been abandoned and destroyed by the Dark Aeropan Warriors. AFter penatrating the Aeropan outpost, the Behemoth appeared on the exterior radar. As Jak goes back to the hangar, the flies to fight the behemoth with it's new superior dark eco weapons. Jak eventually chased the ACS Behemoth with the remaining Aeropans away.

Back to the Research Rig

As Jak arrives at the galleon, Keira and Phoenix were reviewing the siege. Phoenix says that they must act quickly and pay back. Keira protests that Skyheed would see them on his long range scanners if they attack. Then, their secret help, sent a message saying use the Secret Aeropan Warp Gate. Tym then notes that he may have built that gate long ago, but forgot the pass code. Their secret admirer then sent them the code shortly after. As Jak and Daxter arrives to the warp gate along with all of the other members of the newly named Open Sky Piracy, Daxter is grabbed by a Dark Aeropan Warrior.. Daxter quickly thinks fast, and turns to the Tall Dark 'n' Gruesome Dark Daxter, and crushes the warrior. As Daxter travels through the taverns of the site, Jak and the crew jump through the warp gate.

Soon afterwards, Jak and Keira return to the site of the warp gate, which Daxter soon pops out of. Jak then asks what the next step to take is. Keira says that she is going to find a way to take out the Long Range Sensor Array. That should let Phoenix get his ship through. Meanwhile, Jak and Daxter needs to find and modify Skyheed's Weapons Control System so they can get their gun up and working.

Return to Aeropa

Jak then returns to the ruins of the Grand City of Aeropa. However, weapons lock was put on the city so no foreign weapons could go through. Jak then destroys the Noweapons Generator. He then tracks down Duke Skyheed. To Jak's suprise, Skyheed again turned to a Talk Dark 'n' Gruesome version of himself. Jak then wore out Skyheed. Chancellor Ruskin was killed by Skyheed for Ruskin sending the code to Jak, being his secret admirer.

Once Jak chased off Dark Skyheed, he chose a ship in order to chase him down. Once he did, he docked with the Phantom Blade, in order to change ships, to have a final battle with the Aeropan Craft Services Behemoth.

As he approaches the ACS Behemoth, he notices that Skyheed had drag power from the eco core in order to fund his ship a shield. Jak must then take out the ship. He did partially destroy the behemoth. Keira then returned to Jak with the Hellcat.. When Phoenix rammed the ACS Behemoth with his own galleon, the Phantom Blade, killing all of the Aeropans, along with the Open Sky Piracy group, and Captain Phoenix himself. The Behemoth was majorly critically damage, which Jak took advantage of and destroyed the ACS Behemoth for Phoenix and the rest of the world, primarily returning the World's supply of eco, back to normal.......

Play Station Move Heroes

Jak and Daxter, are invited to the galactic hero games, along with Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley. At first things seem just like a simple competition, but the heroes soon realise something is wrong. They find that the duo who brought them there are up to no good, and try to defeat the menace.


Jak's appearance varies over the course of the series; however, his outfits maintained the basic pattern of blue shirt/jacket and beige trousers. The armor on his left shoulder has remained in every game: presumably, this protects him from Daxter's claws. He has also worn his goggles in every game. He also has a metallic ring strapped to his chest, which remains here for all of the games excluding Jak X: Combat Racing, which is replaced by a similar strap.

The most noticeable change in Jak's appearance from game to game is often his hair, which has ranged from spiky to long to short and rough.

Whilst in Dark Jak mode, Jak's hair becomes grey, as does his skin. He also grows horns (which mysteriously disappear in Jak 3) and claws. Also purple lightning streaks from his body. In Light Jak mode he gains an ominous blue-ish glow, whilst the majority of his body turns a glowing blue colour. He also gains wings (if used). His eyes also become a pure white. It is worth noting that while channeling Light Eco, like in The Precursor Legacy, he simply becomes a pure glowing white colour.


Jak evolves drastically as a character over the course of the series. During The Precursor Legacy, he is presented as brave and curious, willing to throw himself into dangerous situations. In Jak II, after being subjected to Dark Eco treatments for two years at the hands of Baron Praxis, revenge is his main motive, and he has become angry and reckless - this is only exacerbated by the presence of the Dark Eco in his system. He also takes some enjoyment in killing Metal Heads and a fondness for guns. Nonetheless, Jak does retain some heroic personality traits. Jak 3, which sees him gain Light Eco powers to balance the Dark Eco, sees him become less angry and more mature; this was almost certainly aided by the death of his father. Jak X shows him has having relaxed somewhat (due to the balancing effect of Light Eco), though this final encounter with Mizo shows that the anger still exists under the calmer exterior. In TLF, he seems to be more carefree and happy. Despite some scenes hinting his anger (i.e. when he tries to turn to Dark Jak, seeing the Dark Warrior Program chair, etc.) he seems to be more cheerful, particularly around the time he finds out about Dark Daxter, and more like his old self from TPL.

Relationships with Other People


Daxter is Jak's longtime best friend, always getting in trouble together. Jak is who transformed Daxter from human form into ottsel from. They are constantly cracking jokes together and at each other.

Romantic Interests

Throughout the series Jak has only 2 romantic interests, although one is more common than the other. Keira is the most common romantic interest throughout the series. Right from the opening sequence of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy they obviously have feelings for each other, as Keira calls him a "brave adventurer" and Jak blushes. These small things continue right through TPL until the end where they lean in to a kiss but Daxter interrupts them. At the very start of Jak II they have a small bit of back and forth but get separated through the rift gate. Keira becomes a race mechanic who is hidden by a curtain and as only Jak talks to her she does not realize it is them. Jak attempts to flirt with "the mechanic" but she tells them to go away. Later Daxter talks and Keira recognizes his voice and realizes its them. When Ashelin is around, Keira calls herself "Jak's very good friend". She and Jak have an argument about Keira thinking Erol is a good racer and Jak working with Krew. Things remain awkward for a short time but they make up. At the end of Jak II they again lean into a kiss but again Daxter interrupts. They flirt outwardly throughout Jak X and at the end for the third time they lean in to a kiss but this time Daxter interrupts and says "Will you kiss her already?" Keira pulls Jak into a kiss. They do not appear to have an outward relationship in TLF but they obviously care about each other still as Jak is protective when Phoenix flirts and at one time given the choice Keira chooses Jak's opinion over Phoenix's. At the end they kiss again and plan to go over the brink together.

During Jak II Jak's 2nd love interest forms. Ashelin, the Baron's daughter is helped twice by Jak and then appears to have an interest in Jak. Jak does not appear to have one back but Keira gets protective at one point and obviously does not like the fact that Ashelin is interested in Jak. During Jak 3 Ashlein does not try to hide how much she wants Jak back in the city and how sorry she was he was forced to leave. At the end of Jak 3 they have an offscreen passionate moment but they obviously do not share this fact for they are both still in their relationships in Jak X: Combat Racing. In Jak X: Combat Racing they no longer appear to be in a romantic state, and Jak kisses Keira at the end. But from Jak 3 onwards, Torn and Ashelin look like they might be interested in each other, but their hard ways hide it. In Jak X it becomes more apparent.


Jak's primary ability is his ability to channel various kinds of Eco, which is used to great effect in The Precursor Legacy. Jak II saw him gain the ability to transform into Dark Jak due to the two years of Dark Eco experimentations performed on him at the hands of Baron Praxis. In Jak 3, he was granted Light Eco powers by the Precursors, allowing him to transform into Light Jak and balancing the destructive influence of the Dark Eco already in his system. In Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, Jak gains multiple eco powers from special Precursor Idols and can also purchase powers from Keira using Dark Eco.

He can't generate Eco (as that would mean it would recover over time), instead he absorbs it into himself, which he stores until he uses it to fuel his abilties until it either runs out or he stops using it, once he absorb all that he can, he can't absorb any more until he uses some or all of it up, his use of it varies, In TPL he can only use it for a short amount of time before it runs out. The more he picks up, the longer he can use it. In Jak 2 (either due to him maturing by 2 years or via the Dark Eco Infusions), he can store Dark Eco inside him, which he can use to turn into Dark Jak until it runs out (although to unlock most of his abilities, he needed the help of the Oracle in the Water Slums). In Jak 3, he can store more Dark Eco (and later Light Eco) than he could in Jak 2 (whether this was due to the Eco Crystals or he has been working on further controlling his Eco Powers between game, it is uncertain) and can choose when to stop using them and even change into Dark Jak and Light Jak forms regardless of how much of either Eco he has absorbed (although with much less use of the abilities of each form). In Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, he is able to use Green, Red, Yellow and Blue Eco powers via smaller Oracle statues, which recharge over time, the reason for why he is now able to recharge his Eco reserves without absorbing it directly (it's possible that due to the Eco storms, he is constantly absorbing it, which is another explaination why it's dangerous to change forms in that game).

Jak is also a skilled racer, and races often features as prominent plot points in the series.


  • Jak appeared as an unlockable skin in Ratchet: Deadlocked.
  • Jak appeared in Hot shot's Golf 4 as a character with Daxter as his caddy.
  • In the familiar series Ratchet and Clank, many of the billboards would have pictures of Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet's Holovision in Endanko appears with Jak and Daxter on it.
  • It is unsure as of the moment whether or not this advertisement is officially made by Naughty Dog, but Jak also "sponsors" Levi Jeans in a CG render for Jak X: Combat Racing
  • In Jak II, if you walk up to the mirror that is cracked in The Naughty Ottsel, Jak's reflection will have Dark Jak horns. But in Jak 3 you can't , Because the mirror was broken due the explosion of heaven city .
  • Jak, in himself, is a time paradox, because older Jak had defeated Gol and Maia, and after the events of Jak II sent young Jak back in time to grow up, meaning young Jak would defeat Gol and Maia again, and thus act out everything older Jak will have done, meaning there are a never ending string of Jaks, which is a time paradox.
  • When hitting, his fist and foot increase in size during the gameplay.
  • Jak is roughly 6 feet tall in size comparison to Daxter, who is self proclaimed to be "two feet tall, fuzzy, and running around in a sewer without a pair of pants."
  • Jak is also the second shortest human male (actually, he's the second shortest human character) in the entire Jak and Daxter series, the first being Samos.
  • In TLF, Jak is wearing boots which are the same compared to the one's Crash Bandicoot used to wear.
  • On the game Jak X, on the multiplayer menu it can mention jaks weight and height, although it mentions briefly he is 5 foot 10 inches tall.
  • In The Precursor Legacy, it is never shown where Jak and Daxter live. Although, at the end of Jak II it is revealed that Samos was caring for him so it is likely that Jak was living with Samos and Keira
  • Seattle, Washington and Richmond, Virginia have a restaurant named "Jak's Grill." Although the possibility of it being named after Jak is unlikely, the lack of the "C" in the name (Jack vs Jak) leaves the question to be thought of.


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